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28 September 2004

How do you like these sweehearts? I think this shot is just amazing. Found on lesbian freesite.

27 September 2004

I haven't posted new pics for last few days, but this one will make you all forgive me. I kept it with love but now is a day to share it. I have no words to express what I feel when look at it...

22 September 2004

Just look at this gorgeous babe! She is the one who makes all of us believe that nudity is art.

21 September 2004

She brings me in cheerful mood. I look at her and smile... can't stop smiling ^_^

What a lovely babe! Be sure, she won't ask you to look at her twice!

16 September 2004

This one I found just yesterday. What an ass! It's a genuine masterpiece!

Blonde tigress - does she conquer your heart? I love her look.

Ok, let's start with MetArt. Well-known studio thanks to which we can enjoy quality photos with pretty fresh girls.

The art of Porn

Wanted to say how I got the idea... I'm a porn link list editor and reviewer, and have to look through many porn recources. It's not a bad work, you know, sometimes I even love it. Especially when I see such beautiful photos which I hope to post here. It's real art, and I am amazed by the great work of operators.