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24 March 2006

Kirsten Dunst

Caugt by paparazzi on the beach...

Wet Christina Aquilera

Christina is so sexy! I believe you'll like her provoking posing in water. I would appreciate if she had a softer look, not that "i-m-know-i-look-like-agoddess", but it's not bad, anyway.

And another, probably, fake picture of Christina Aquilera in hot undie.

Drew Barrymore

I always thought that Drew Barrymore is nice and pretty, and all, but plump in the same time. I still wonder how could she fit in that suit in Charlie Angels...

Denise Richards Nude

As far as I remember, in 2004 she was in top 10 of most athletic movie stars. I'm not sure it's truly HER photos, though.

Naomi Campbell

Oh yes, today I'm definitely in mood to show what smut photos of famous babes I have in my collection!
Naomi is in very good shape for a model! I thougt them to be skinny, with no muscles, just bones and skin, but she turns to look like a fitness-instructor! I'm really glad for her!

Jennifer Lopez

Half-naked, but not showing too much.

The babe you liked

Here guys asked me for more photos of this girl. So, after 2 months I found one :)

22 March 2006

Look, what a babe I found!

I liked her at first sight. Beautiful blonde babe exposing her flawless body and voluptuous natural breasts.

19 March 2006

Latex stockings

Two fetish pictures with green latex stockings and heavy metallic chain. Quite cute, I say!

17 March 2006

Flawless teen cutie

Amazing pictures of pretty nude girl.

Amazing news - I'm back!

It's sooo good to have a vacation since you haven't one for more than 2 years...
Thailand is damn good, I must say.
The girls are beautiful, open-minded and very lustful. They welcome you with their usual: "Hey, sexy man!" and ready to sleep with you for less than $20.
Paradise for men...
I'm a woman, though.
But anyway I had a great time as people there are nice and patient.
What about you?
Are you missing all good-looking naked girls that appear in my blog frequently?
Ok, don't worry, I'll regard you for waiting!

I guess it's Dead Sea - where else salt cover the skin so heavily?
Dead Sea is my dream destination for the next time!