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29 September 2005


I cannot upload any pictures for 5 days already. Sorry guys. I honestly tried and will go on.

24 September 2005

Love Asians

Hi guys!
I love Asian girls, as they the sweetest things ever born!
Here are two pictures of Orinetak cutie: naked, fresh, pigtailed, swimming in river.

The whole gallery here

20 September 2005

Oh my

Only one for now, but it costs many.
I never saw the photo that impresses me so much.

18 September 2005

Beautiful erotic photo story

Not the whole story, exactly, just the beginning!

I suspected that making adult pictures is the exciting process...

Is that action of professional or personal interest?

And this photographer is quite handsome, so there is no wonder that will end with hardcore!

17 September 2005

Voyeur pics

Lovely blonde teenie walking the beach.

11 September 2005

Blonde twins

I found it on lesbian site, though I don't really think it's lesbian.
How can twin girls be lesbians, after all?
Only if it's a kind of perversion...

Ok, let's consider it as soft version of lesbian set, there are many of them in fact, sets and sessions that are called lesbians but turned out just teasing and getting naked, and all kinds of that stuff that doesn't include copulation.

These photos are nice and hot, I'm sure they will bring very pleasent moments to you!

10 September 2005

Best of goth teens-2

Another example of pure art! One look at this tricky red-haired chick - and you fall in love! Tatooes on white as milk skin, fishnet stockings and helpless teeny appearence combining with thinness of model.

Best of goth teens

I'd call this voluptuous babe The Dark Queen, not becaose of her pierced nipples, lips or nose, but because of her stunning, vamp, absolutely striking stare.

These gals like it dark

That is how goth girls look like when they get naked!

Fresh teen boobs don't get worth even being tatooed and pierced. Many guys find it sexy, so I guess that's kind of guys these chicks hunt for.

09 September 2005

Lovely Indian teen

Saucy dark-skinned gal is relaxing in bath filled up with a soap. Kind of sexy!

I have so many teens in my archive... Come back if you like them!

08 September 2005

Massive peckers

It's really worthy thing to lick... But who can think such cocks can penetrate a woman from both sides?

07 September 2005

Japanese dolls

Yesterday I visited Japanese restaurant as I usually do quite often last time. There was such a nice, young waitress who served our table! She was thin, with long straight dark hair, lovely eyes and pretty smile. The girl wears glasses and looks exactly as some jap schoolgirl, though she's not Asian at all!

Today I want to give you to feel the same ^_^ So, please meet the cutest Asian things!

This photo I found on Guba

And another one, the perfect photo I adore!

These pictures were discovered here!

05 September 2005

Nice amateur gal

I like amateurs a lot, especially when they behave naughty, not shy, in front of camera. I think this girl did her best!

She strips in the kitchen... What she will do after?

Oh yes, I bet she does it every day to make it lovelier!

03 September 2005

Lauren Sands

This amazing belly, beautiful breasts...

...and incredibly sexy, round ass belong to Lauren Sands!

She said se'd like to be on my blog, and here she is!

I'm sure, you'll want to see her blog as well: Lauren Sand's blog. Except photos of Lauren, there are many pictures of hot babes to look at!

02 September 2005

Amazing natural breasts tipped with round sexy nipples. The way Eva exposes them is so gentle and nice.
Get back for more quality art porn and erotic!

Proper handling

I believe such boobs really deserves the best handling ever!

Little perky tits

Loveliest example of teen breasts.

And these nice couple belongs to sweet black chick.

Great set of boobs

Massive natural tits of pretty Asian lady.